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Welcome To Big Bad Garf's Official Unofficial Beer Home Page

My fave beverage has to be the one and fucking only Jack Daniels.  I can't be arsed looking up info. on jack daniels 'cos i'm a lazy twat, but it tastes fucking great with a can of red bull on the side. shazaam.  If you don't believe me then fuck off, what a sad sad twat u r. what r u doing on a site that is devoted 100% to alcohol. if you don't even fucking like JD. but if u do go to the boozer ( i sujest the priory cos it is a fucking beast of a pub) get a pint glass with 4 shots of JD and a can of redbull, put some ice in it, stir it up and c if you can neck it in less than 10 seconds. personally i can do it in 2.5 secs but not every one is as good as me ha ha ha you cock mongrel.

Stella Headz Rocks.

Check out our sister site stella headz on,  www.stellaheadz.00me.com it's fuckin great.  go on check it out.  with 5 million viewers a day its got to be the best site on t'internet aprt from mine.

Welcome To My Home Page

This site will be edited when i van be arsed 'cos i've got other duties that need to be sorted out on the stellaheadz site, and most of the time im just to lazy or to pissed to type. 

The Priory

How do you complete set of bastards.  If you fancy meeting me, the gaffa live in the flesh i am usually at the priory every weekend getting lashed with me main boys robbie d and the g-man.

Here we have some loyal piss 'eds going for a night on the lash down at the local park


Check out more of my shit on garf's home page at the stellaheadz